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WiseLab: Wireless Sensor Networks for Active Learning in Classes and Labs

How do students learn the best? How can we improve classroom and laboratory instruction? Research into student learning clearly points to a critical area of pedagogy –¬†Active learning. In other words, students should play a key role in class room environment. The traditional approach of a professor or instructor giving a lecture makes for a convenient form of instruction but often achieves very little in return when real learning is evaluated. Students can recall material from¬†feature-autoplug-12-smallrote memory but if the aim is to inculcate deeper concepts and critical thinking skills, class room instruction cannot be a one-way street. Optimum learning occurs when students can apply the concepts to real life situations and problems and have a tangible role in designing labratory experiments.

WiseLab, our low-cost wireless sensor network platform is ideally suited to active learning in almost any class room or lab where measurements are made and concepts are tested. Engineering and Science labs are particularly ideal environments, but creative uses can also be found in social sciences and humanities.

WiseLab modules combining the Wisense platform and any suitable sensor or actuator can be used to create new measuring devices or to retool existing instruments. Students can be challenged to come up with new ways of making measurements and collecting data. When students have a stake in the design of the experiment and the instruments, they are naturally more curious and creative. This will also help them in retaining key ideas for a longer time than rote memorization.

Stay tuned for case studies and sample lab ideas to showcase the capability of WiseLab!