Build a DIY sensor-actuator network for your home

A sensor-actuator network is just a fancy name for a network which can observe as well as change the surrounding environment. Observation implies measuring some physical phenomenon such as temperature or humidity or detecting an event such as the closing or opening of a door.  Motion activated lighting is a simple example of a sensor-actuator network where ambient light condition is being sensed and actuation involves switching on/off light sources.

The WiSense low power wireless network platform can be used to build a low cost DIY sensor-actuator network.  WiSense nodes are modular. You can build a sensor node by stacking multiple boards. This stack will typically have a microcontroller board, a radio board,  a battery board and one or more sensor boards. We use high quality board to board connectors so that stacking is effortless. This design is a trade-off between the ability to reuse/upgrade nodes and higher overall cost per node.



You can build your own add on boards and write your own software.  WiSense nodes do not use ZigBee. We have written all the layers (802.15.4 MAC, networking and application) from scratch. You are free to modify the WiSense network stack to suit your needs.

We are planning to host an application store where you can sell your add on boards and associated  software.  WiSense can help in design, testing and manufacturing.  You will also be able to buy a wide variety of add on sensor boards from us. We are also looking at powering WiSense nodes using small but highly efficient solar cells.

We hope that our efforts will make such networks accessible and affordable to DIYers everywhere.

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