WSN application – cutting down on energy wastage

I live in Bangalore . There is a clubhouse in our community. I have noticed couple of times that the ceiling A/C is on while some windows are open. This is a real waste of electricity which can be prevented by a simple monitoring system. If any window or door is open and the A/C is on, send an alarm to the person in charge. The alarm can be a simple SMS.

What do we need ?

  • A coin battery powered wireless sensor node for each door and window. Each node will have a reed-switch to determine if the door/window is open or closed.
  • A  coin battery powered wireless node  installed near each A/C unit. This node will use a temperature sensor to determine if the A/C unit is on or not.
  • A gateway node which can send an SMS. This will be mains powered.

The system can be enhanced to send an alarm if the A/C is being switched on unnecessarily. This requires lot more intelligence though. Outdoor/indoor temperature and humidity sensors can help in making correct decisions.

Lighting is another big source of wastage.  Lights get left on in empty rooms.  Motion activated lights can be used for this purpose.  Lights get switched on even when the area is well lit during the day.  An easy solution is to use ambient light sensors and time of day information.

Automatic  control of  lights, fans and A/C units can become pretty expensive. The cheaper way out is to only monitor and send out an SMS to the person in charge of the facility. This is feasible in India since there is always a security person around.

At WiSense we are always looking for opportunities to use our sensor network technology to reduce/prevent wastage. Can you think of any scenario which can benefit from low cost sensor networks ? Let us know.

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  1. people use lots of water to wash the car almost 1000 litrs one time
    a special flow meter can give an alarm and shut the valve
    we will have to make sure user doesnt tamper the setting
    it should be water proof
    another idea
    smell sensor should raise an alarm in hotel/restaurant toilets drawing the attention to clean the toilet

  2. many times tvs are left without switching off in a hurry
    the remotes can be fitted with a sensor to switch off when no button is actauated for more than 3 mts as mostly people will be
    fiddling with remote especially children
    timer can be set for different duration

  3. is it possible forfitting a sensor on the wrist watch can give an alarm if we attempt to lift a weight beyond our capacity
    will be useful to senior citizen
    they can set the limit depending on thier health
    will save the back bone and medical expenses
    alrarm ferent from cell phonecan be vibration or sound dif

  4. one of the applications i can think of
    baby crying monitor if a sensor can detect the crying and transmit to smart phone
    will be useful to mothers to monitor the baby
    sensor can be fitted in babys apron

  5. one more application possible for WSN

    water quality algae and chlophyle contents in lakes and pools and large overhead water tanks
    can be sensed and alarm can be sent or daily monitoring by water board is helpful for
    preventive maintenance

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