Hardware update – new boards

We are testing three types of radio boards. All three are based on the TI cc2520 802.15.4 transceiver. The difference is the type of antenna used. The approximate range in the open (at 5 dBm power output) is more than 100 meters for the PCB and chip antenna versions and almost 200 meters for the whip antenna board.

Cost comparison : Whip antenna > Chip antenna > PCB antenna

Size comparison: Whip antenna > PCB antenna > Chip antenna

Range comparison: Whip > PCB antenna > Chip antenna


RF board with PCB antenna












RF board with chip antenna












RF board with whip antenna


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  1. i suggest you make two versions of board
    one open board for doing development and research projects for knowledgeable electronic and telecom people tor experimenting with various apps
    second version
    2 a closed box for plug and play for commercial use who need not know what is the
    modules inside and no need to worryabout the detailed circuit like a black box
    and directly start using along with sensors and other down stream products
    i hope you will come out soon with the second version also

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