Hardware update –

We got another version of the boards this week. The basic design is the same. We decided to use 2×6 connectors instead of 2×10 to save on cost. These are high quality stackable connectors from Samtec. These are easier to insert and remove compared to the 2×10 connectors.

We also added two sensors to the RF host board. One is a temperature sensor (LM75B) and the other is an ambient light sensor (TSL4531).

We added a coin cell retainer to the bottom of the RF host board.  You can  use a standard 3.3 V, 20 mm coin cell to power the node.

The boards now have 4 mounting holes on the corners. These are 4 mm in dia. As you can see in the pics below, 4 standoffs provide a stable base to the nodes and protect the connector pins.



Sensor node with chip antenna












Sensor node with whip antenna



You can see the coin cell retainer holding a coin cell in this pic below.


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