Hardware update – new sensor board

We finally assembled a couple of sensor boards this week. This board has pads for a bunch of sensors (listed below).

  • MPL3115A2 – Pressure / Temperature / Altitude (Freescale)
  • CC2D33S   – Humidity and temperature (GE Sensing)
  • LM75B – Temperature (NXP)
  • TSL45315 – Ambient light (AMS-TAOS)
  • MMA7660FCR1 –  3-Axis Orientation/Motion Detection Sensor (Freescale)
  • MP34DB01TR – Microphone (ST)
  • DS1822-PAR – Temperature sensor 1-wire (Maxim)
  • MP3V5050GP – Ported liquid pressure sensor (Freescale)

You can select one or more sensors. We  will mount the selected sensors and test them before delivery.

The sensor board can be plugged into a WiSense node. Note that WiSense boards can be plugged in any order. Pads for two sensors (LM75B and TSL45315) are also present on the RF host board. You can choose two have these two sensors mounted on either of these two boards.

The first five sensors in the list (above) are I2C capable. The DS1822-PAR  communicates over a 1-Wire bus. MP3V5050GP has an analog output. The MP34DB01TR is a microphone with PDM interface.

The pads for the first six sensors in the list (above) are on the top side of the board. The last two sensors are mounted on the bottom side.

The pictures below show a sensor board populated with five of the sensors in the list.









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