Monthly Archives: September 2014

What are we working on now …

It has been a while since the last post. Anyway, we want to share what we are working on now. We are coming out with a new RF board based on the TI CC1101 (Low-Power Sub 1 GHz RF transceiver). The board will operate at 866 MHz (which falls within 865 Mhz – 867 MHz unlicensed band in India). The main advantage of Sub-GHz wireless is longer range (compared to say 2.4 GHz). Longer range allows for a star network in applications which would require a mesh network at 2.4 GHz. A star network is much simpler than a mesh network and allows all the sensing nodes to be RFD (reduced function devices). In a mesh network with paths longer than 1 hop, FFDs are required which always need to have their radio active (high energy consumption). See the figure below.


The CC1101 RF board can be plugged into any of the WiSense micro-controller and sensor boards. If you have a sensor node with a CC2520 RF board, you just need to remove/unplug it and plug in the CC1101 RF board. You do have to update the firmware on the micro-controller.

We also have plans to introduce a CC1200 based RF board. The CC1200 can support narrow band RF channels down to 12.5-kHz. This capability is important since narrower channels translate into longer range. Narrow band refers to RF channels which are less than 25 KHz wide. CC1101 channels will be more than 100-200 KHz wide for the same bit rate.

Standby for results from range testing next week. We hope to achieve 1 KM line of sight.