Home automation applications

I was thinking of the various applications of low power wireless mesh networks in home automation particularly in the Indian context.  Here’s the list.

  • LPG leak detection
  • Track usage of LPG cylinder by monitoring it’s weight
  • Kitchen hob monitoring
  • Door monitoring (open or closed)
  • Smoke alarm
  • Control of all lights, fans, a/c etc through a smart phone (This is the most common application)
  • Connected electricity meter (Separate from the utilty/govt meter)
  • Monitor water taps (send alarm if tap open for too long)
  • Monitor water storage tanks (usually on the terrace)
  • Sub metering of heavy duty appliances (a/c, geyser, washing machine, clothes iron etc)
  • Automatic control of porch/terrace lights
  • Automatic and/or remote controlled watering of plants inside and outside the house.
  • Outside weather monitoring (Temperature, humidity, pressure etc).
  • Emergency call button for seniors
  • Intruder detection (porch, backside, terrace)
  • Wireless tags to locate objects such as wallets, keys etc.
  • Indoor air quality
  • Monitor the temperature of medicines (insulin etc)
  • Smart MCB which can report that it has tripped
  • Smart clothesline – Informs when clothes have dried (by monitoring the tension in the line. As clothes dry, the tension will go down).

I thought of the last two applications just now.

Here is what we need to support these use case scenarios –

  • Wireless mesh network (865 – 867 MHz)
  • Wi-Fi network
  • A gateway box which interfaces the wireless mesh network with the Wi-Fi network and optionally to the internet.
  • Smart phones (IOS / Android) as the user interface
  • Optional wall mounted console

I have seen some made in India home automation products which look good from the outside but the electronics is really bad quality. The software is even worse. There is no support for security (encryption/authentication), fault tolerance, over the air upgrade, mesh connectivity and so on. Surprisingly, builders are installing them. God help the end user.

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  1. You can add
    1 Spoiled food sensing
    2 Gas cylinder weight sensing
    3 Motion sensing for lights on
    4 Water tank level
    5 Intruder alarm eg car touched by outsider
    6 Garden moisture sensing
    7 Airconditioned room air quality sensing and allowing fresh air

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