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Precision Farming – WiSense Network for Monitoring Standing Water Level in Paddy Fields

We are prototyping a WiSense network for monitoring the level of standing water in paddy fields under the guidance of Dr. K. Palanisami (Agricultural Economist). This a first step towards Precision Farming. Paddy requires around 50 mm (or less in some cases) of standing water. We are trying to evaluate the feasibility of using a wireless network of water level sensors to make sure that paddy fields always have adequate amount of standing water. A cluster of sensors can share a single GSM gateway to keep costs down.

Paddy Field - Precision Farming

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We built a prototype which can measure water level up to 300 mm and send the measurements to farmers over SMS. In the first stage, farmers will be informed of the water level so that they can decide when to irrigate the paddy field. In the second stage, water pumps will be activated automatically to irrigate the fields.

The prototype is powered by a couple of AAA batteries. Since it will be deployed outdoors, these nodes can also be solar powered.

Here are some pics of the sensor node interfaced to a WiSense WSN1101L.

WiSense Node Water Level Monitoring

WiSense Water Level Sensor

WiSense Water Level Sensor

WiSense Water Level Sensor

WiSense Water Level Sensor - Bottom

WiSense Water Level Sensor - Top View

Hardware Update – WiSense Multi Interface Gateway

We built another version of a gateway box for a customer with multiple interfaces (wired ethernet, WiFi, GSM and of course a WiSense radio). Here are some pics. All these interfaces plug into a Raspberry PI. You can run the WiSense CLI and the WiSense network management system (WiSight) on the Raspberry PI. WiSight can be accessed through a web browser.

The gateway box includes a power supply with 12 V and 5 V output to power all the interfaces and the Raspberry PI.

Here are some pics.

WiSense Gateway

WiSense Gateway

WiSense Gateway