Smart community use case – Wirelessly controlled watering of green areas

We recently begin installing a network of wireless enabled electronic water valves in Pruksa Silvana which is a relatively new residential community in Bangalore. Widespread adoption of such systems will lead to conservation of water, especially in cities in Bangalore, where water is fast becoming a scarce resource.

The system comprises a set of wireless electronic valves which can be remotely controlled. Each of these valves is interfaced to a WiSense WSN1101L low power sub-ghz wireless node. All these nodes are wirelessly connected to a WiSense coordinator node (WSN1101C) installed inside our office. There is a relaying node on the terrace since the “valve” nodes are not in direct line of sight of the coordinator node.  All these nodes create a sub-ghz mesh network operating in the license free 865-867 MHz band in India.

The installed electronic valves are used to control the release of STP treated water reserved for use in the green areas of this community. These wireless enabled electronic valves will be replacing all the manual valves spread out through out the community.

Here are some pics of the system and it’s components:

Pic 1 - A View of the in-line installed valve.

Pic 1 – The solenoid valve.


Pic 2 – A view of the installed solenoid valve.


Pic 3 – A view of the solenoid valve.


Pic 4 – A view of the solenoid valve.


Pic 5 – A view of the transmitter node.


Pic 6 – A close-up view of the transmitter node.


Pic 7 – The power source used (12V Battery)


Pic 8 – A view of the complete system.

Pic 9 - An image of the relaying node installed on the terrace.

Pic 9 – An image of the relaying node installed on the terrace.

Here, we are using a 12 V lead-acid battery to power the node and the valve. We are going to add a recharging circuit to charge the battery (from the street light) when the latter are powered on at night.

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  1. Nice and interesting project. I’m sure not a lot of them have done this. This is good stuff.

  2. will be useful for firesprinkler in ships,,buildings and sprinkling in ,polyhouses indoor agri production like mushroom and exotic vegetables, and automatic valve opening from large to smaller liquid tanks and coffee estates to maintain wet condition in plantations of soil
    fuel tank level controllers in petrol bunks etc. imagination is the limit of apps

  3. i suggest you can use zinc plated ubolts available in hardware stores to tighten on 5 inch vertical pipes pipes

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