Smart community update

This map (below) shows all the wireless sensors currently installed in Pruksa Silvana (east Bangalore). This will serve as a test bed for our low power wireless mesh stack. The data from each of these sensors is being sent to our data storage and visualization service (WiSight) running on AWS. I will share the link soon.


Each sensor node is a WSN1101L or WSN1101N interfaced to one or more sensors and/or actuators.

Our aim is to completely blanket this community with the WiSense low power sub-ghz wireless mesh network.

If you have a IOT use case you want to try out in this network, please contact me at  We will help you add your device to this network and monitor/control it on the cloud.

I am going to share pics of each of these nodes in the next post.

Here is one of the nodes controlling a water valve.


Take a look at some of the data collected from this network.


The graph above shows the outdoor temperature over the last five days.


The graph above shows the battery voltage of a solar street light over the past 3.5 days.

Map courtesy google maps.

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  1. smart community can tackle following parameters to improve quality of life,safty and security and conservation
    1water conservation
    4garbage system of opn
    5security and survielance
    6solar street lights
    7 community solar roof grid
    9 motion sensor lighting up flood lights in case of intruder
    10 gas sensor
    11swimming pool
    13 tracking
    15 energy saving in clubhouse
    16 garden water sprinkler
    18fumigation 19watertank levels 20 water tanker load sensing at the gate
    21 kids tracking

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