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Street light control using WiSense WSN1101L

We  recently built a prototype to control a  mains powered street light in our community. This node has a WSN1101L node interfaced to a relay. The  relay is controlled (through a driver IC) by a GPIO pin on the WSN1101L’s micro-controller. Power supply is through an 230 V AC to 12 V DC module.  All the electronics is housed in a weather proof enclosure.

The node has been working properly for a week now. The node has been configured to operate as a full featured  device (FFD) which simply  means that it  is  involved in mesh routing.

The WSN1101L operates in the license free 865-867 MHz license free band in India.

Connected  street lights can save power and ease fault detection and  maintenance. We are going to build another prototype which  will monitor current consumption and  light output.

I have included some pics below.







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WiSense nodes in a greenhouse

We  recently had  the opportunity to demonstrate a small network of WiSense nodes in a greenhouse which is being used to grow roses. The network was used to measure the ambient temperature, humidity and soil moisture content in 3 different spots inside the greenhouse.  Greenhouses are typically 0.5 acres or more. The one we visited was pretty basic with zero automation.  We are interested in helping the owners increase the yield and quality by providing them relevant data 24/7. Usually, the owners are out on business  trips and currently they have no way to monitor greenhouse conditions remotely.

We installed three battery powered sensor nodes and 1 coordinator node attached to a laptop. It took just couple of minutes for the nodes to start sending data to the office located near the greenhouse.

While we  were  monitoring  the data  in the  office, suddenly the moisture levels from the soil moisture sensor node  started dropping. When I entered  the  greenhouse to investigate, I found the sensor missing !! Seemed as if the sensor node had grown legs and walked away. By the time I got back to the office to inform the  others, the sensor node had stopped reporting data. Luckily, one of the workers saw a kid running away with something in his hand.  Our host got a couple of guys on a bike to follow the kid and we got the sensor back. I reinstalled the sensor after the kid assured me that he won’t do it again.

Here are some pics of the greenhouse.