Street light control using WiSense WSN1101L

We  recently built a prototype to control a  mains powered street light in our community. This node has a WSN1101L node interfaced to a relay. The  relay is controlled (through a driver IC) by a GPIO pin on the WSN1101L’s micro-controller. Power supply is through an 230 V AC to 12 V DC module.  All the electronics is housed in a weather proof enclosure.

The node has been working properly for a week now. The node has been configured to operate as a full featured  device (FFD) which simply  means that it  is  involved in mesh routing.

The WSN1101L operates in the license free 865-867 MHz license free band in India.

Connected  street lights can save power and ease fault detection and  maintenance. We are going to build another prototype which  will monitor current consumption and  light output.

I have included some pics below.







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  1. what are the control features
    1does it light up after sensing the darkness say around 6 pm and switches off when day breaks
    2or is it controlled thru laptop/android phone
    3 sends signal which bulb has fused to control room to attend the problem
    what are the monitoring aspect
    supposing you have 300 street lights what will be the payback period apart from
    efficient energy utilisation
    how much power the sensor consunes it must be low as it may be mostly in sleepmode

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