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Wireless Water Meter

We  have built a prototype for a wireless  water meter using an off the shelf water flow sensor and  the WSN1101L.  The  flow sensor generates pulses  where  each pulse  corresponds to around  5  mL.  The  pulse signal is  connected  to the WSN1101L’s  microcontroller. The latter simply  counts  the  pulses  and  sends  the  pulse  count periodically to the cloud via a  WiSense  gateway node. The WSN1101L  is configured to operate in reduced function mode  (RFD).  The node  is  powered by a pair of AAA batteries.

The  prototype  has been running  for around two days now. It is  part of the WiSense smart community  test bed in East Bangalore.  We are getting some commercial flow sensors next. We  are going to include wireless  water  meters  as  part of  our  product portfolio.

Water  conservation is  really  important in  India. Many of the  states are experiencing  drought conditions. In Bangalore, most communities  do not have municipal water supply. They get water from tankers. Ground water is scarce in most areas.  In spite of depending on water  tankers, there is significant  wastage  of water in these  communities. Connected  water  meters  can really  help  in reducing wastage. Further, people  want to pay for  what they consume. Cost  of  water  is already  a  significant  part of the  community maintenance budget and is  only going to go up every  year.


Here is a visualization of the consumption measured  by our prototype over one  day.



Here are some  pics of the  prototype  in action.