WSN1120L current consumption

The current consumed by a WiSense  LPWMN  wireless sensor node in sleep mode determines how long the power source will last if the node is configured to operate in RFD (reduced function device) mode and is running on limited energy supply such as a pair  of  AA/AAA batteries.

The WSN1120L  has a bunch of  ICs  (micro, radio and two serial EEPROMS).  When the WiSense  stack puts the node into sleep mode, all of these ICs are put into their  respective sleep modes (usually the mode  with the lowest power consumption). The node’s total sleep mode current is the sum of the sleep mode currents of all these chips.

The pic  below shows the total current (2.2  uA) consumed by a WSN1120L node in sleep mode.



The pic  below shows the current (0.1  uA) consumed just by the radio (in sleep mode) on a WSN1120L node. This matches the number (0.12  uA) given in the CC1120’s datasheet. The  CC1120 retains all of the important configurable registers  in sleep mode so no need to reprogram these registers after waking up the CC1120.



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