WSN1120L/WSN1120CL with low profile radio boards

We reduced the size of the radio boards  on our WSN1120L and  WSN1120CL nodes. The earlier version (WSR1120 Rev 1.0) of the radio board had both a U.FL connector and a PCB antenna. The new version (WSR1120 Rev 2.0) only has a U.FL connector. The dimensions of the new radio board are 27.5 mm x  27.5 mm. These radio boards use the CC1120 radio from TI.



WSN1120L  with the new radio board (WSR1120 Rev 2.0)




WSN1120CL with the new radio board (WSR1120 Rev 2.0)



WSN1120L  with the earlier version of the radio board (Rev 1.0)


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