WiSense Wireless Node for Agriculture

We have developed a multi-sensor wireless node for agriculture related monitoring and control applications.

This sensor node is  based on the WiSense  WSN1120L sub GHz wireless mesh node.  This “agri node” operates in the license free 865-867 MHz in India. The nodes have  a max transmit power of  +14  dBm and a range of about 1 KM (LOS) and around 0.5 KM  (non LOS).

The node includes the sensors listed  below:

  • Relative Humidity (CC2D33S)
  • Temperature (CC2D3SS,  LM75B and an NTC thermistor)
  • Ambient  light (TEPT5700)
  • Atmospheric pressure (MS5637)
  • Soil temperature (based on an NTC thermistor)
  • Soil Moisture (Capacitive)

We can add  more sensors based  on customer requirement and energy budget. The selected sensors are relatively low cost.

The node can be  operated as an  FFD (takes part in mesh routing) or as an RFD (no routing). In the RFD configuration, the sleep mode current consumption  is  around 2 microamps which enables the node to run on limited energy sources such as a pair of AA/AAA batteries, small solar panels and low capacity  rechargeable batteries etc.

The WSN1120L,  battery and related electronics is protected against the elements by a weather proof  enclosure  (IP65/ABS).  The humidity, pressure  and temperature sensors are protected by a radiation sensor. These external sensors connect to the  WSN1120L through a weather proof 4 wire cable.  Similarly the soil temperature and soil moisture sensors connect to the WSN1120L through a 2 and 4  wire cable respectively.

In addition, the “agri node” can be used to control valves, motors etc using add on relay boards.

The coordinator node (WSN1120CL) can be interfaced to the available back-haul mechanism such as GSM, 3G, WiFi etc.

We are currently testing a solar  + single cell lithium-ion power supply  unit  which can keep these nodes running  for at least 1 year without any  need to  replace the  battery.

Here is a pic of  a WiSense coordinator node and an “agri node”.



Here is a pic of  another  “agri node” with an enclosure having a transparent hinged lid. You can see the white colored radiation shield enclosing the three sensors mentioned  above.



For more details,  visit wisense.in.

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