WiSense nodes in the machine shop

Pic below shows a WSN1120L  based sensor node equipped with two float switches and  a temperature sensor for tracking the level and temperature of a CNC machine’s coolant tank.



Pic below shows another WSN1120L based sensor node equipped with an NTC thermistor for measuring motor temperature.


Both the nodes (shown above) run on a pair of AAA  batteries. The WSN1120L wireless sensor  node (in each  case) is  configured to operate as a reduced function device (RFD). The node wakes up periodically (depending on the application), samples the attached sensors, sends data to the network gateway and goes back to sleep.  The battery voltage level is also measured and  reported in every sensor data message sent to the gateway.

All the electronics is protected by a low cost weather proof enclosure.




For more information on our  products, please  visit wisense.in.



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