Roads that honk

WiSense is proud to be associated with the “Roads that honk  project.

More good news  – “India’s sole Innovation shortlist at Cannes Lions 2017 goes to Leo Bunett”.

WiSense low power wireless nodes provide the link between the two poles.  In addition, we designed the main controller PCB inside each pole and helped in the developing the firmware.

Thanks to Rajeev jha (Yuktix) and Shailendra singh for the opportunity to work on this project.

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  1. Bhupinder Thakur

    Very excited to see this project go live. This is a very cool innovation.

  2. there are more than 1 crore log container trailers
    sensors can be fitted on the side of of trailers to give a blaring sound to
    sleeping car drivers when they overtake on highways

  3. read long

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