WiSense Asset Tagging System using Active RFID Tags



This is the latest addition to our product line. We are already deploying these at couple of customer facilities (factories).


This asset tagging system has these components:


Active Tags – Each tag has a radio (sub-GHz or 2.4 GHz) and a tiny micro-controller. It is powered by a 3V Li-Ion coin battery which can last for 7-8 year assuming one beacon transmission per day.  Each transmitted beacon carries the tag’s unique 3 byte hardwired Id.  The tag has a PCB antenna.

Reader-Router Nodes – These nodes pick up the beacons received from all tags in the  vicinity and forward the same to the system gateway. These nodes have two radios each operating on a different frequency.  One radio is always listening for beacons from the active tags and the other radio is used to form a mesh network of router radios. This mesh network is used to forward the beacons and associated information (reader node “Id” and the signal strength of the received beacon) to the system gateway.  The reader-router nodes should be distributed throughout (say a factory) in such a way that each beacon is received by 3 or more nodes. This allows the system to estimate the rough location of each tag using the signal strength information corresponding to each received beacon. These nodes are mains powered with Li-Ion battery backup. A Li-Ion charger IC keeps the battery charged when mains power is available. When mains power is lost, the node gets power from the Li-Ion battery without any interruption.

System Gateway – The gateway is the asset tracking system’s to the external world.  It also maintains the mesh network of router radios.

Tag UI and database – This can be hosted locally or on the cloud.  The database will store all the beacons forwarded to the gateway. The UI shows the location of all tags in real time.


For more information, please contact us at rkris@wisense.in.

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