Wireless Temperature Sensor for Cold Storage



We are currently testing our smallest form factor wireless temperature sensor node.

Dimensions: 50 mm x 50 mm x 10 mm.

Antenna options

  • External whip antenna
  • Internal PCB antenna

The temperature is sensed by a thermistor with 1% tolerance.  Thermistor is visible outside the enclosure

Powered by a single CR2032 coin cell battery with 220 mAh capacity and 3V nominal voltage.

Transmit power of +12 dBm

Operates in the 865-867 MHz license free India band.  Operating at this frequency has the following advantages:

  • This band is mostly free throughout India so very low possibility of interference.
  • 3 times higher range compared to 2.4 GHz (assuming same link budget)
  • Greater penetration through obstacles such as walls etc

The sensor node is  configured to operate as a reduced function device which means that the node is sleeping in low power mode most of the time, only waking up to sense and transmit temperature data if absolutely required. Sleep mode power consumption is less than 2 micro-amps.

Sensor node can send data to a WiSense LPWMN coordinator node (WSN1120CL) directly or indirectly through one or more WiSense LPWMN routers/FFDs (WSN1120L).

Each message from sensor node also reports the battery voltage.

Sensor node can be configured to –

  • Report temperature data at fixed intervals where the reporting interval can be dynamically adjusted from every 1 second to once every day.
  • Report temperature data when temperature drops below or rises above configurable threshold values.
  • Report temperature data only if temperature changes by a configurable percentage or absolute value in deg C.
  • Any combination of the above.
  • Report battery voltage and temperature data if battery voltage falls below configurable threshold.


For more information, please visit wisense.in.

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  1. here are potentials in monitoring temperature in pharmacy,foodpackaging,,freezers,containers,horticulture,bakeries,chemicls,hotairbaloons,
    fruit ripening chambers,dairy horticulture,fishtanks,incubators,bloodbanks,fishtanks,icecream
    seedsstorage moving tanks coldpressing machines and batteries and inverters polyhouss
    aquariums etc best suited for any mobile containers and tanks where wireless sensing will
    and tracking
    have edge over others,

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