New product: WiSense WiFi Gateway for cloud connectivity

We are adding a new product to our portfolio – a WiFi gateway for the WiSense LPWMN (low power wireless mesh network). This gateway (WGP20CL) includes a WiSense coordinator node (the WSN1120CL) and a Photon WiFi board from Particle (







Here are the specs.


WiFi Interface: Photon from Particle (

Based on Cypress’s WICED architecture, the Particle Photon Series combines a powerful STM32 ARM Cortex M3 micro-controller and a Cypress Wi-Fi chip.

WiSense LPWMN Interface :  WSN1120CL WiSense  LPMWN Coordinator.


Power Supply:  500 mA/5V through USB Cable with Type A connector.

Includes 2200 mAh battery  and Li-Ion charger with auto switch over in case external power is lost.


  • External Sub-GHz half-wave dipole antenna (3 dBi gain). Connects to the U.Fl connector on the WSN1120CL’s radio board.
  • External 2.4 GHz WiFi dipole antenna (2 dBi gain). Connects to the U.Fl connector on the Photon.

Enclosure:  ABS Box (105 mm x 105 mm x  62 mm)

Visual indicators:  3 LEDs

  • LED1: Heart beat to indicate the gateway is powered and running.
  • LED2:  Blinks whenever the Photon receives a sensor  data message from a sensor node  via  the attached coordinator node.
  • LED3:  Blinks whenever the Photon posts sensor data to the Particle cloud.

Cloud interface: Particle cloud platform. Particle also allows data to be forwarded to other platforms such as ThingSpeak, Google Cloud platform, Google maps, Azure IOT  platform etc.

We have ported a portion our gateway application to the Photon. This code receives  sensor data messages from the attached  LPWMN network and forwards them to the Particle cloud.  We have  also tested Particle’s integration with the ThingSpeak platform. We are able to get our sensor data on the ThingSpeak platform via the Particle cloud.


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