SIM868 / SIM868E Board

We are going to offer our own SIM868 daughter board in the coming weeks. We are currently testing some of the boards we have assembled.

The SIM868 is a Quad-Band GSM/GPRS + GPS module. The SIM868E modules has BT LE modem in addition. The two modules are pin compatible.

Fully Assembled SIM868/SIM868E Daughter Board


  • Modem: SIM868 / SIM868E (U2)
  • SIM Holder: Micro SIM card holder (J1)
  • PCB
    • Dimensions: 60 mm x 40 mm
    • PCB Thickness: 1.6 mm
  • Antenna Connectors
    • U.Fl RF connector for GSM/GPRS Radio Antenna (P2)
    • U.Fl RF connector for GPS Antenna (P1)
    • U.Fl RF connector for BT module (P3) – SIM868E only
  • Power Supply
    • VBAT
      1. VBAT on J3 powers the SIM868 (Both the GSM/GPRS and GPS parts)
      2. VBAT should be between 3.4V and 4.4V. Recommended voltage is 4.0V.
      3. VBAT should be able to supply up to 2A.
  • Mounting Options
    • This board has been designed to be used as a daughter board mounted on a base board using castellated mounting holes.
    • Four groups of castellated mounting holes (J2, J3, J5 and J9).
  • External Interface
    • V_HOST
      1. This board can run on a voltage (VBAT) which can be different from the voltage (V_HOST) at which an external host controller/processor (to which this board is interfaced) operates. This requires V_HOST to be supplied to this board through a pin on castellated connector J5.
      2. Voltage translated UART Tx and Rx signals. A voltage translator IC is used which take V_HOST and VDD_EXT as input. VDD_EXT is generated by the SIM868/SIM868E module.
    • PWR_KEY (Power ON/OFF control)
      1. This signal can be used to power on / power off the SIM868/SIM868E module.
      2. When signal is low, module is powered off.
      3. To power cycle the module, bring signal low and then take it high.


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