Wireless Sensor for monitoring eggs during incubation

Our latest wireless sensing product is for the poultry industry. This product is for real-time monitoring of egg surface temperature during incubation which requires very tight temperature control for optimum yield.

The known environmental factors which impact embryonic development are –

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Ventilation
  • Egg turning
  • Egg orientation

The recommended temperature range is 99 Deg F to 100 Deg F.

This product is designed for monitoring temperature the surface temperature of up to 8 individual eggs in an egg tray. The sensor’s lower part is shaped like an egg allowing it to be placed in an egg tray in the midst of real eggs. High accuracy (0.1 deg C) interchangeable thermistors are used to sense the temperature. The sensor node also has an ambient air humidity and temperature sensor. The sensors are powered by a small form factor LIPO battery which can be charged through a DC power jack on the top. It also has a switch to turn/off the sensor. Data from many such sensors are collected by a WiSense gateway and relayed to the cloud. Multiple backhaul options available.

This sensor system (wireless sensors + gateway) can be used either in stand-alone mode or integrated with poultry equipment.

The pics above show a sensor node with a 3D printed enclosure, 8 thermistors sticking out, an on/off switch on the top and a DC jack to recharge the LIPO inside. The node antenna is fully inside the enclosure but it can be brought out if required.

This product is available with FCC and ETSI compliant radios. We also have a version compliant with the 865-867 MHz ISM band in India.

The thermistors used in this product don’t need to be individually calibrated.

3D Printed Enclosure

For more information, please drop a mail to contact@wisense.in

Web: http://www.wisense.in

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