WTM-4P-110 Update

This is a brief follow up post on the WiSense WTM-4P-110 sensor node designed specifically for wirelessly monitoring the temperature of the cocoa bean fermentation process.

Here is some data from a customer site showing the temperature profile during the fermentation process. The data is from April 30 to May 4 (5 days).

The temperature data shown above is from one of the four sensor probes on the wireless node.

The graph below is showing data from all four sensor probes (inserted in to the same fermentation box).

The graph below is showing the battery voltage over the same period of 5 days. The node is powered by 2 AA batteries. The variation is less than .05 volts even though this node was sending data of all four sensor probes every 1 minute.

See below, a typical fermentation box.

For more information on WiSense products, please visit wisense.in.

See the original post here – https://wisense.wordpress.com/2021/02/07/wtm-4p-110-wisense-wireless-sensor-node-for-monitoring-temperature-during-cocoa-bean-fermentation/

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