WEM110-1P-SEL1 for Cold Storage Energy Monitoring

This is another component of our cold chain monitoring solution. This product monitors the power, current, voltage, frequency, power factor and energy consumption of a refrigerator in real time. All this data is sent to the cloud via a WiSense Gateway.

Snapshot of dashboard showing total energy consumption (17.55 kWh) over the last three weeks, instantaneous power consumption (0.31 kW), instantaneous current (1.3 Amps RMS), Line Voltage (224 V RMS), Frequency (50.18 Hz)

Graph showing power consumption over one day

This product uses an off the shelf single phase energy meter. The wireless node periodically retrieves data from the energy meter over a Modbus/RS-485 connection and sends it to the associated cloud dashboard via a WiSense gateway.

The wireless node is powered by mains power through a 3W AC/DC module. The node operates in FFD mode where the radio is always on allowing it to act as a data source as well as a router for other nodes in the WiSense Sub-GHz network.

Sub-GHz Radio

Multiple geographies supported:

  • FCC (900 MHz band) certified Radio
  • ETSI (868 MHz band) certified Radio
  • India (865-867 MHz band) compliant Radio


Apart from the radio variant, we support customization of the enclosure, antenna, energy meter etc. In addition, the application level firmware running on the wireless node can be modified to support any reporting interval, any combination of parameters to report, alerts on basis of configured thresholds on power, current, voltage, frequency, power factor etc.

WiSense Gateway

The WiSense gateway has multiple interfaces such as WIFI, RS-232, RS-485, serial over USB.

The gateway will forward data received from network nodes to a configured endpoint which can be local or in the cloud. Supported standards/formats include MQTT, JSON, HTTP, HTTPS etc.

A single gateway can support up to 64 sensor nodes of different types. Each sensor node has a IEEE assigned globally unique 64 bit MAC address. Each sensor on a sensor node has a unique 8 bit ID.

The WiSense low power sensor node network supports both mesh and star configurations.

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