Monthly Archives: January 2017


WiSense is now part of the NASSCOM CoE-IOT. This a co-working space located on old airport road (Diamond  district) in Bangalore.

The CoE-IOT has lots of very nice equipment and a friendly and engaged support staff. They are always open to ideas on improving the experience for startups.

The equipment includes a top of the line RF spectrum analyzer, an RF vector network analyzer, a signal generator,  oscilloscopes, bench top and hand held multi meters, power supplies etc. In addition they have soldering, rework and inspection equipment.

The  equipment is really useful and  we are now getting our work done much faster. For  example, the PCB inspection scope has helped us identify soldering issues with the tiny Balun IC on our RF board.

You get to meet other startups and people working in IOT and related fields. The center regularly hosts guests from within India and abroad. You get a lot of exposure here.

If  you are in the IOT space and need incubation, talk to CoE-IOT. They are always looking for startups which can benefit from the center.