New RF board (Sub-GHz)

We assembled two CC1101 RF boards.It took me a few days to get the the board working with the  MSP430G2955 controller board. I configured the CC1101 to operate at 866 MHz which is license free in India. I was able to do some range testing and I am really happy with the performance of the C1101. The range is far more than the CC2520 which operates at 2.4 GHz. I have added some pics of the module below. We will be adding this board to our store in a month or so. I still have bunch of things to do (including testing the C1101’s low power mode). I will also be doing extensive range testing – both line of sight and through walls.

The associated MAC still looks like 802.15.4. The CC1101 does not support automatic acks like the CC2520. I have modified the MAC code to send ACK when requested by the originator.

Here are some pics.

100_1134              100_1129

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  1. Arvind Padmanabhan

    Nice to see the new module. It will suit applications that need the longer range and can live with bigger antennas.

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