New Prototyping Board – PB200


We modified our proto board slightly before ordering another batch. The supply and ground lines are now on both ends.  The PCB material is 1.6 mm thick FR-4 with 1 oz (35 um) copper thickness. The finish is  ENIG. The proto board  is  42  mm by 42  mm with 4  mounting holes. Our WSN1101L PCB is also 42  mm x  42 mm with 4 mounting holes.

PTH (plated through hole) pitch is the standard 2.54  mm (.1  inches) found in breadboards.

These are inspired by the Adafruit perma-proto boards. Very useful when interfacing our sensor node (WSN1101L) to sensors etc.


PB200 – Front Side




PB200 – Back Side




PB200 attached to a WSN1101L


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