WSN1101L Antenna Options

The WSN1101L low power Sub-Ghz wireless mesh module can be used to build both indoor and outdoor sensor/actuator  nodes.

Outdoor deployments must be weather proof. WiSense offers low cost IP-65 (weather proof) ABS enclosures (80 mm x 80 mm x 55 mm) for this purpose. The enclosure lid can be transparent.

The WSN1101L has a (small) male U.FL connector on it’s radio board. A  U.FL to SMA  bulkhead cable assembly can be used to connect an external antenna while keeping all the electronics (the WSN1101L  node  and related electronics, batteries etc) within the weather proof enclosure. We offer a high performance omni-directional half wave dipole antenna which can be mounted outside the enclosure. The antenna has a male (threaded) SMA connector at it’s  base which allows a strong mechanical connection to the female SMA bulk-head connector end of the RF cable assembly. This antenna is tuned for the 865-867 MHz license free ISM band (in India).  A  hole is  drilled in the enclosure for the female SMA bulk-head connector. The latter is secured to the connector using a rubber o-ring, washer and nut. If done properly the enclosure remains weather proof.  The RF cable assembly has a thin coaxial cable which is pretty flexible. This  allows the cable assembly to be used in smaller enclosures. This RF cable assembly has a  50 Ohm (RF) impedance and can handle  frequencies  up  to 11  GHz (far above 865-867 MHz at  which the WSN1101L operates).

For indoor  deployments, we offer a whip antenna which can be directly connected to the U.FL connector on the radio board. We also offer a smaller enclosure for indoor deployments.





WSN1101L inside a weather proof enclosure  (ABS/IP-65). The RF board is connected to the external antenna through a flexible U.FL to SMA  RF cable assembly. The enclosure lid is transparent. It is secured by four screws. You can see a rubber gasket (below the lid).




WSN1101L node with U.FL whip antenna (suitable for indoor usage).




WSN1101L  inside a smaller enclosure suitable for indoor deployment. Enclosure is  not weather proof. Dimensions  : 76.2 mm x  76.2 mm x  25.4  mm  (3″ x  3 ” x  1″).




WSN1101L inside a weather proof (IP65) ABS enclosure with non-transparent lid. The antenna is an omni-directional 3 dbi gain half-wave dipole tuned for the 865-867 MHz license free band. This particular node  encloses a  PCB  mounted AC/DC power supply module, Li-Ion charger PCB  and a Li-Ion battery  in addition  to a WSN1101L. Enclosure dimensions :  80 mm x 80 mm x 55 mm.



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