Hardware Update: New Multi-Sensor Board

We assembled and tested our latest sensor board which supports 7 different sensors.

The different sensors on the board  are:

  • TEPT5700: Ambient light Sensor (Analog)
  • NXFT15XH103:  Thermistor (Analog)
  • LM75B: Temperature Sensor (I2C)
  • CC2D33S: Relative Humidity and Temperature (I2C)
  • MS5637: Barometer/Altimeter (I2C)
  • LIS2DH12:  Accelerometer (I2C)
  • TSL45315CL:  Ambient Light  Sensor (I2C)

In addition there is a buffer IC (SN74LVC1G125DBVR) for interfacing with flow meters with pulse output.

The pics below show the sensor board mated to a WSN1101L wireless mesh node through two 2×7  connectors.

We have  written drivers for each sensor on this  board. All the digital sensors are accessed over a single  I2C bus. We  made sure there is no address conflict. Each sensor responds to a unique 7 bit address.

Each of these digital sensors has a sleep mode to conserve battery life. The analog sensors  are connected to different 10 bit ADC channels on the WSN1101’s  MSP430 micro-controller. Power to each analog  sensor is  gated by a MOSFET which can be  switched off to cut off power to the corresponding sensor and  associated  signal conditioning circuit. Each MOSFET is controlled by a separate GPIO on the WSN1101’s  MSP430 micro-controller.

The  thermistor and the analog  ambient light sensor can be  mounted outside a weather proof enclosure while the rest of the node and battery etc can stay inside.  These  two sensors are connected  to the sensor PCB  through two terminal blocks.

A  U.FL to SMA  RF cable assembly is  used to connect the  WSN1101L’s radio board  to an external bulk-head mounted  antenna.









For more information, please  visit http://www.wisense.in.

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